Goes Live

On Oct 8, 2011 went live. is a small group of computer scientist with a bit of spare time on their hands. Our goal is simple... we want to advance ape knowledge. We're not really picky about what kind of knowledge as long as it will help make existence on this beautiful blue marble a bit more palatable.

Let's find an efficient renewable energy resource that can wean us off oil. Let's find a cure for cancer. Let's get better at predicting earthquakes. Let's get a better understanding of global warming. Let's build electric cars... cure Alzheimer's... feed the world... build space planes... bend time and space... explore the galaxy... Let's make a ding in the universe.

Unfortunately, we here at, aren't that smart... but perhaps we can empower those of you who are. Practically all areas of scientific research are dependant on running computational models on supercomputers. These machines are exorbitantly expensive so access to them must be gated. That's where we come in.'s goal is to help the masses build, program, and maintain their own inexpensive supercomputers.

Our inaugural publication, The ClusterChimps Guide to Building and Programming a Virtual Supercomputer, is almost complete. We have elected to go live a bit early so that we can start building up our presence in the search engine world. In the mean time, feel free to make use of our OpenCL compiler suite OCLTools.

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